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About the school

Everything starts here. Nyckelviksskolan is a greenhouse, a nursery school, a takeoff for future generations of Sweden’s designers, designers, architects and artists.

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At Nyckelviksskolan, you develop your craftsmanship, material knowledge and sense of form, together with the artistic ability and courage to follow your own idea and to express yourself independently.

Nyckelviksskolan offers one-year college preparatory courses in arts, crafts, architecture and design, as well as a two-year vocational education for Specialist Craft Tutors. Our programs are formally called Konst- och kulturutbildningar (Arts and Culture courses) and we are under the supervision of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. The programs are eligible for student aid.

Nyckelviksskolan is located on Lidingö. It is a school with students from all over the country and abroad.