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Ceramic Design and Craft

The program Ceramic Design and Craft is for you who want to work with arts and crafts, design and architecture. After this program you can immerse yourself in ceramics in your own workshop or apply for higher education in the field of form and art.

Together with the main subjects – utility objects, ceramics as a free art form and ceramics in the public room – the artistic training in painting, drawing and sculpture will constitute a foundation. You will be encouraged to draw and develop rough sketches. During the academic year exercises in presentation techniques, by hand as well as digitally are included. The studies are both theoretical and practical.


During the year, you will meet several guest teachers with expertise within turning, preparation of glazes and incineration techniques. The education is based on common form and technique practises, forming the basis for your knowledge in ceramics, glazing and incinerating in kilns. The courses include your own projects where you learn more about process, material, technique and methods.

Ceramic Design and Craft is a broad basic education in three-dimensional form where you get the help and guidance of professional ceramists, designers and artists to explore the possibilities of clay. Knowledge that will be useful for you in many professions.


Subjects and materials

Interpretation and design – 8.6 weeks
Techniques and methods – 6.8 weeks
Ceramics – architecture and interior design – 3.2 weeks
Sketching and presentation techniques – 0.8 weeks
Individual projects – 3.2 weeks
Drawing and painting I 3.7 weeks
Drawing and painting II 3.7 weeks
Sculpture I 3.7 weeks
Sculpture II 3.7 weeks
Lectures in art and design – 0.8 weeks
Group dynamics – 0.8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing – 1.0 weeks

During the program, you often go on field trips to museums, galleries and workshops.