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Design and Architecture

This program Design and Architecture is aimed at you who want to work with architecture, design, interior design, scenography or art. The program gives you a broad understanding of the design process and of spatial design. At the program we will emphasis on developing your artistic ability, it provides a good basis for further studies both in Sweden and abroad.

This is a preparatory program where practical tasks interspersed with theory. Here you will learn how to communicate your ideas through sketch and model work. With the help of your imagination, you develop your problem-solving skills.


You will work with different types of methods and material such as cardboard, plaster, concrete and wood. In drawing, painting and sculpture you practise vision, coloring and figuration. You will also encounter various concepts in architecture and design, such as sustainable development and context. Other important parts of this program is photo, digital imaging and presentation skills.

During the year you will work with several different courses and projects in the school’s workshops and studios. You will meet a number of guest lecturers working with architecture and design, each with its own career, and a few of them are linked to leading universities in their field. Together we will do study visits at different workplaces, galleries and museums, all to increase the joy of discovery and give new thoughts and ideas.

The education at Nyckelviksskolan is full-time with a high work rate and teacher presence, which means you spend a lot of time at the school. Conversation, communication and sharing ideas and work process are important parts of the education, as is learning in groups. This demands a high attendance.


Subjects and materials

Architecture and design – 11.2 weeks
Drawing and painting – 11 weeks
Three-dimensional configuration (woodwork) – 3.8 weeks
Three-dimensional configuration (textile design) – 3.8 weeks
Sculpture I – model studies – 3.8 weeks
Sculpture II – composition studies – 3.8 weeks
Introduction to stage design – 1.6 weeks
Sketching and presentation techniques – 2.0 weeks
Group dynamics – 0.8 weeks
Lectures in art and design – 0.8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing – 1.0 weeks