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General Art, Crafts and Design

General Art, Crafts and Design provides basic knowledge in art, crafts and design. The wide breadth of the program is perfect if you have not decided what area to focus on, but you want to explore different ways to be creative. Here you get a broad foundation of knowledge for higher education, which can open new ways to work in areas such as art, architecture, illustration, design, furniture and interior design.




We work with artistic expression in a range of different subjects and materials so that you get a feel for different ways of expressing yourself. Thoughts, ideas, processes and practical work are included in the teaching. By working concentratedly in 18-day courses with the various materials in the school’s workshops and studios, you follow a creative process throughout the year.

Work and results are subjects of group discussions or exhibitions where you and your classmates share the experience of process and method. Our knowledgeable teachers give you guidance and in-depth knowledge of both theory and practice.

Drawing and painting is included in all programs at Nyckelviksskolan, but on the program General Art, Crafts and Design you will get the opportunity of in-depth studies. Painting and drawing exercises lay the foundation for developing your vision and expressiveness, which you then use in freer projects and assignments.


Subjects and materials

Drawing and painting I 3.6 weeks
Drawing and painting II 3.6 weeks
Drawing and painting III 3.6 weeks
Sculpture – 3.8 weeks
Moving pictures – 3.8 weeks
Ceramics – 3.8 weeks
Metalwork – 3.8 weeks
Woodwork – 3,8 weeks
Textile form – 3.8 weeks
Textile printing – 3.8 weeks
Lectures in art and design – 0.8 weeks
Group dynamics – 0.8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing – 1.0 weeks

Study visits to galleries and museums are obvious elements and are included in most courses.