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Graphic Design and Illustration

The program Graphic Design and Illustration is the start for you who dream of working as an illustrator, graphic designer, art director, animator or game developer. In this program, you will form the basis for for a creative profession with image, storytelling and idea as the most important elements. You will experiment, sketch, discuss and use different physical and digital techniques.


The academic year begins with weekly courses in illustration, graphic form and typography. The emphasis is on different types of independent and shared assignments, tuition, discussions and presentations. The visual work is done a lot by hand (think drawing, painting, collage) and / or digitally. The focus is on the artistic and creative process. You get basic courses in digital photo and software for image processing, graphic design, illustration and animation (for example Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign).

During the program, you will make study visits to galleries, agencies and studios. Inspiring and specialized guest teachers, who are currently working on what you are aiming for, come to school and teach. The program concludes with major projects, where the various course elements are interwoven in a project that carries your own unique touch.



Illustration – 10.4 weeks
Drawing and painting – 6 weeks
Graphic design – 10.6 weeks
Photography with digital photo editing – 3 weeks
Material studies – 3 weeks
Final project – 4.4 weeks
Lectures in art and design – 0.8 weeks
Group dynamics – 0.8 weeks