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Metaldesign and Craft

This program gives you a good introduction to your future profession through the courses in metal design, jewellery and product design. We do not require any special previous experience of working with metal curiosity about the material and its possibilities to shape your ideas will take you far!

The main (metal) subject intersperse with courses where you work with various artistic, technical and theoretical tasks. During the year you will work with silversmithing, jewellery, welding and much more. By working, processing and shaping the metal, you reach a deep understanding of the practical part of the design.


In combination with that, we work with digital tools such as 3D modeling in various programs and with 3D printing. You will learn to print your digital objects and then practically continue working with them in the metal workshop. In drawing and painting, you practise your vision and color theory, among other things, and in the subject of sculpture, you will get a stable foundation for your three-dimensional ability.

The teaching schedule is structured in blocks where you work in one and the same subject or material for several weeks in a row. We then follow up your work with both individual and joint presentations. You will have the opportunity to study and work with others who are as interested in these topics as you are. Together, we will make a series of study visits to workplaces, galleries and museums – all to increase the joy of discovery and give impetus to new thoughts and ideas.


Subjects and materials

Interpretation and design 10.7 weeks
Techniques and methods 7.5 weeks
Final project 2.2 weeks
Introduction to digital tools 1.8 weeks
Presentation technology, digital photography and image processing 1.4 weeks
Drawing and painting I 3.7 weeks
Drawing and painting II 3.7 weeks
Sculpture I 3.7 weeks
Sculpture II 3.7 weeks
Group dynamics 0.8 weeks
Lectures in art and design 0.8 weeks

During the program, you go on field trips to museums, galleries and workshops.