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Art and Craft Pedagogy

Studying art and crafts pedagogy at Nyckelviksskolan can open up many opportunities! The art and crafts pedagogy program is a unique two-year education that combines practical work in arts and crafts with pedagogical reflection and application. The work of an arts and crafts tutor is about creating opportunities for communication and human relations – through work with arts and crafts in different materials and techniques.

The essence of the art and crafts tutor profession is that a person’s work with arts and crafts can contribute to personal development and health as well as to promote people’s creativity and socialization.


The two year program provide knowledge in working with wood, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, drawing and painting, and it is based on a pedagogical perspective. Within the program, the practical courses are interspersed with theoretical courses that include studies in pedagogy, methodology and practical exercises, group work, study visits and workshops. The education also includes project work and a longer internship period where your practical experiences and theoretical knowledge are linked together.

If you want to educate yourself within art and crafts pedagogy, it is good if you have experience from working life and are curious to broaden your knowledge. At Nyckelviksskolan you get the tools you need. The teachers on the art and crafts pedagogy program are themselves practicing craftspeople, artists, designers and pedagogues. We also bring in guest teachers with special expertise.

The education at Nyckelvikskolan is full-time with a high work rate and teacher presence, which means you spend a lot of time at the school. Conversation, communication, sharing of idea and work process are important parts of the education, as is learning in groups. Parts of the training will require your ability to work independently, for example when reading text or working on your own projects.

The structure of the program

During the first academic year of the program, you learn the basics in the various subjects: the techniques and equipment of the various workshops are reviewed, the specific crafts and the possibilities of the materials are examined, while the artistic processes are given ample space. Within the theory area, a platform is created for joint learning, about the methods of craft pedagogy and the role of art and craft in society. Through study visits to workplaces and through the participation of guest teachers, awareness is created about the possibilities of the profession.

The second academic year revolves around deepening – of the craft, artistic processes and the professional role. Already during the autumn semester, the focus is on the upcoming project and internship period, through leadership training, project planning, writing exercises and in-depth studies in the artistic and craft area. During the second academic year, an individually designed project is carried out where art, craft and pedagogy meet. It also includes professional practice where the students are given the opportunity to try professional roles, methods, materials and exercises. In connection with project work and professional practice, a report is written in which the project and its implementation are described and analyzed.

About the profession

The art and crafts pedagogy program at Nyckelviksskolan can be the start of a new career path for you. It can also mean an increase in skills within your current professional role.

Art and crafts tutors can be found in many different areas of society, for example in rehabilitation, in daily activities for disabled persons, in elderly care, in integration projects or in psychiatry such as in women’s shelters or in social psychiatry. An arts and crafts educator can also work at schools of the arts, at after-school centers or at museums.

The target group can be people who, for various reasons, want or need to express themselves in other ways than through the spoken and written word. It can also be people who, in various ways, through craft and art, are given the opportunity for community and participation in society.

The job market in Sweden has broadened in recent years as more clients have opened their eyes to the profession. Several municipalities, for example, have chosen to invest in craft pedagogy as a way of developing social activities and strengthening the educational mission at museums and art galleries.

As an art and crafts tutor you are in demand in various areas of society, we welcome a diversity of experiences in those who apply. The important thing is that you have a curiosity about and an interest in people.


Subjects and materials

  • Art and craft pedagogy – pedagogy, art and craft pedagogical work, social pedagogy, special pedagogy 10.8 weeks
  • Three-dimensional techniques – wood, ceramics, sculpture, textile form, re-make and material studies 18 weeks
  • Two-dimensional techniques – textile techniques, drawing and painting, graphic techniques 14.4 weeks
  • Digital tools – photo, film, image processing, layout and editing 7.2 weeks
  • Material immersion 8.4 weeks
  • Project work 10.8 weeks
  • Professional internship 7.2 weeks
  • Group dynamics 1.6 weeks
  • Lectures in art and design 1.6 weeks

During the program, you often go on field trips to museums, galleries and workshops.