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Textile Design and Craft

The program Textile Design and Craft is the starting point for you who are aiming for a profession in arts and crafts, performing arts, interior design, textile design and liberal arts. You don’t need to have worked with textiles before – curiosity about the material and its possibilities to shape your ideas will take you far!

Textile printing, weaving, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, dyeing and other textile craft techniques are included as elements within the main subjects textile techniques and weaving. The artistic process is in focus throughout the program with tasks linked to body, form and space. Drawing, painting and sculpture run like a common thread throughout the year and serve as the basis for the color and shape work in the textile techniques.

During the academic year, you work on your own or joint artistic projects that have their origins in the various subject areas. Together with your fellow students and teachers, you reflect on your work and get to practice methods for professionally presenting ideas and finished results. The education includes a course in photography and digital image processing, which gives you additional opportunities to document and present your work.

In the textile courses, environment and sustainability are important aspects that we critically examine through practical exercises and theoretical inputs. Together, during the year we make a number of study visits to studios, exhibitions and workplaces to gain insight into the broad field that is textile form.


Subjects and materials

Textile techniques – 7.6 weeks
Textile weaving – 11.2 weeks
Textile project – 3.8 weeks
Drawing and painting I 3.7 weeks
Drawing and painting II 3.7 weeks
Sculpture I 3.7 weeks
Sculpture II 3.7 weeks
Lectures in art and design – 0.8 weeks
Group dynamics – 0.8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing – 1.0 weeks

The program includes a series of study visits to museums, galleries and individual artists and designers’ studios.