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Textile Design and Craft

The program Textile Design and Craft is the starting point for you who are aiming for a profession in art, textile design, scenography, costume and interior design. It gives you a good foundation and is a prerequisite for further studies both in Sweden and abroad. You do not need to have worked with textiles before – curiosity about the material and its possibilities to shape your ideas will take you far!

In the school’s textile workshop, we work experimentally with screen printing and try out different sculptural techniques and textile materials for the body, as a form and in a room or space. In the weaving studio, you investigate how materials and weaving technology are joined together to create an artistic expression. You will study drawing, painting and sculpture throughout the year and this serve as the basis for the work with color and shape in the textile techniques.

In a larger project, we bring together the subjects of the education. Here you get the opportunity to develop your ideas and techniques. You work both in groups and individually with a teacher nearby, do your own planning until the deadline. You will reflect on your work and present it in a professional way. You learn how to work in an artistic process and develop your individual expression. The education also includes a course in scenographic photography.

The textile field is wide and today expertise in design and craftsmanship is needed in occupations linked to sustainability, economy, technology and product development. Welcome to participate in developing the textile design language of the future!

The education at Nyckelviksskolan is full-time with a high work rate and teacher presence, which means you spend a lot of time at the school. Conversation, communication and sharing ideas and work process are important parts of the education, as is learning in groups. This demands a high attendance.


Subjects and materials

Textile printing – 7.6 weeks
Textile weaving – 11.2 weeks
Group project in textile design – 3.8 weeks
Drawing and painting I 3.7 weeks
Drawing and painting II 3.7 weeks
Sculpture I 3.7 weeks
Sculpture II 3.7 weeks
Lectures in art and design – 0.8 weeks
Group dynamics – 0.8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing – 1.0 weeks

The program includes a series of study visits to museums, galleries and individual artists and designers’ studios.