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Woodwork and Design

The program Woodwork and Design is the starting point for you who aim for a profession as a furniture designer, architect, interior designer, industrial designer, prop maker and artist. Here you get a thorough knowledge of the material wood and crafts, which are central to these professions today. In a balance between tradition and the cutting edge of digital technology, you will find just your own design process. You do not need to have worked in wood before – curiosity about the material and its possibilities to shape your ideas will take you far!

The purpose of this education is for you to develop your artistic skills, your expression of form and knowledge in craft. You will explore the possibilities of wood both in a functional and in an artistic way during the year. This is done by longer assignments based on function, construction and form as well as with playful short exercises. You will learn sketching and drawing techniques as well as furniture design. In addition, you will get an introduction to design methodology. We also aim for the future by learning digital methods for design, for example through 3D modeling, 3D printers and CNC (data-driven manufacturing).

In drawing and painting you practice, among other things, perception and color theory and in the subject of sculpture you find a stable foundation for your three-dimensional ability.

The teaching schedule is built in three week blocks where you work with one and the same subject or material for several weeks in a row. The work is evaluated both individually and in-group. In the program Woodwork and Design, we create an open-minded laboratory for your individual development in a safe workshop. You will have the opportunity to study and work with others who are equally interested in the subjects as you are, sometimes in group projects.


Subjects and materials

Interpretation and design 5.4 weeks
Techniques and methods 3.7 weeks
Digital tools 2.7 weeks
Sketch and project planning 3.8 weeks
Material studies 3.8 weeks
Final project 3.2 weeks
Drawing and painting I 3.7 weeks
Drawing and painting II 3.7 weeks
Sculpture I 3.7 weeks
Sculpture II 3.7 weeks
Lectures in art and design 0,8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing 1.0 weeks

During the program, you go on a number of field trips to museums, galleries and workshops.