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Are your courses eligible for student aid?

Study funds are granted for the one-year programs at what CSN calls post-upper secondary level. Our educations are categorized as Arts and Culture courses by CSN. The quota for study funds for studies at so-called post-upper secondary level is a total of two years (80 weeks) if you have a three-year upper secondary education or the equivalent previously.

The total number of weeks you have to apply for student funding applies to both grants and student loans. This means that even if you do not take out a loan for all the weeks, but only take the grant, the weeks are counted as used.

For studies at university level, the maximum period for study support is 240 weeks. This quota applies to those who apply to the two-year Specialist Craft Tutor program. The Specialist Craft Tutor program is also categorized as Arts and Culture course though.

For the academic year 2023-24, you who are a student and born in 2004 or later can choose for yourself whether you want to take study aid (right now it is a small grant – SEK 1,250/month) or whether you want to apply for study funds with grants and loans. If you take study aid, you can also apply for extra supplements and / or boarding supplements via CSN.