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Can you start working after these studies?

Our one-year programs are university preparatory Art and culture programs (Konst-  och kulturutbildningar). You are not finished after such an education with us. The educational paths are quite long in this area – art, craft, architecture and design. You get the necessary skills to be able to continue at a design school, art school or architecture school and three or five more years of study.

If you have architectural dreams, we have programs where you get the skills to enter an architectural bachelor program via Arkitektprovet (the Architect test).

We don’t just want to emphasize that our students go on to design, art and architecture university programs. In recent years, we have noticed that many higher education programs that our students are interested in lie in a borderland between creativity, design and technology. Examples of such are educations for game, web and digital application development as well as design engineering educations.

On the other hand, we have an Art and Craft Pedagogy program that leads to jobs, even if it is also an Art and Culture course (Konst-  och kulturutbildning) and not a higher vocational education (YH). The Art and Craft Pedagogy program also does not give a teacher’s license if you want to work as an art or crafts teacher in school.