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Do you have accommodation at the school, boarding school?

The school does not have boarding, but we receive many offers on available rooms and apartments, especially on Lidingö, and are happy to pass them on to interested students. We send out housing ads and give tips on how our students can most easily find somewhere to live.

Nyckelviksskolan’s student union is connected to Stockholm’s students’ central organization (SSCO) and you can get help arranging accommodation through SSCO. All students are connected to Nyckelviksskolan’s student union. This gives them the right to live in student apartments that Stockholm Student Housing (SSSB) has. Read more:

Everyone who studies in art and culture education has the right to live in Kista Studentbostäder, which is mediated by Stockholms Bostadsförmedling. However, some other student housing managers do not approve our type of education to live there.